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Welcome, Sean!

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By Brian Leonard on 2021-02-01

When building a new company, the first few hires are absolutely critical. It is important to get them right.

For us, "getting it right" means:

  • talented at building things all throughout the stack
  • enjoys and is good at sharing technical content
  • excited about what we are building and who we are building it for

Fortunately, we met Sean C Davis.

Sean C Davis profile picture

Sean has most recently been a Director of Technology at Ample, where they build beautiful sites for their clients. We are now looking forward to some of that beauty around here.

He is excited about the Jamstack world and has been evangelizing the approach for quite a while, including recently at Next.js Conf.

A week in, Sean has dived right in and started contributing to Grouparoo. At this rate, he will have more Pull Requests than me in a few weeks.

We are so excited. Welcome, Sean!

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