Create Groups

Last Updated: 2020-08-01

Now that you've created Profiles and Profile Properties, the next step is to create Groups. Groups are a segment or cohort of Profiles. You can have Calculated Groups and Manual Groups.

Calculated Groups

Calculated Groups add and remove Profiles automatically based on Group Rules that you define. Here are a few different examples of Calculated Groups and their rules:

Example: Repeat Purchasers

Group Rules:

  • Profiles who have purchased more than once
  • Profiles with an email
Repeat Purchasers

Example: High-Value & Abandoned Cart Recently

Group Rules:

  • Profiles who have a Life-time Value (LTV) of over 30
  • Profiles who have recently added an item to their cart
  • Profiles with an email
High Value

Example: High-Value Xhosa Speakers

Group Rules:

  • Profiles with a language set to xhosa
  • Profiles who have a Life-time Value (LTV) of over 50
High Value

Manual Groups

While a great deal of the value of Grouparoo comes from our Calculated Groups, Manual Groups are still valuable in certain circumstances. Manual Groups are Groups of profiles where you manually add or remove Profiles from the Group.

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