Connect BigQuery with Salesforce

Grouparoo connects data in your BigQuery data warehouse to your Salesforce instance. Use our prebuilt connectors so you don't have to write code yourself. Connect your data in minutes instead of weeks.

BigQuery integration


Salesforce integration



Use Cases

  • Add Leads and Contacts to Salesforce for new BigQuery rows
  • Enrich Salesforce Contacts with additional user data from your BigQuery data
  • Take product usage data in BigQuery and that data to Contacts and Leads in Salesforce
  • Add Leads and Contacts to Salesforce for new or updated BigQuery rows
  • Update all recordObjects including Contacts, Leads, and Individuals in Salesforce automatically
  • Update existing Fields on people objects such as email and first name and also create new custom Fields based on data updates in your BigQuery db

How Grouparoo connects BigQuery and Salesforce

Easily connect to your BigQuery data

Connect Grouparoo to any number of BigQuery databases you may have running.

Grouparoo BigQuery settings

Grouparoo Table Source settings

Define the customer data you want to pull from BigQuery

Connect Grouparoo to any number of BigQuery databases you may have running.

Define what customer data you want in Salesforce

Grouparoo can be configured either in code or in our web UI, so non-technical team members can modify what data they send to different tools without needing engineering support.

Map data to Salesforce

Reverse ETL makes your data warehouse actionable

Grouparoo connects your customer data to all the places where it can make a difference. Use your data warehouse to power marketing campaigns, customer service, and everything else your business needs to succeed.

Learn more about reverse ETL

About Google Cloud BigQuery

BigQuery is one of Google's main products in their Google Cloud Platform. BigQuery is a serverless and scalable data warehouse designed primarily for businesses. It is queryable using SQL, and has built-in machine learning capabilities.

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About Salesforce

Salesforce is a leader in the SaaS-based CRM space. They have an extensive product suite that encompasses marketing, sales, support, and many other functions. Salesforce allows companies and organizations to manage the customer experience and journey across many different channels.

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