Customer Data Platform

Customer data platforms give companies a single, unified view of their data, allowing dynamic grouping and syndicating groups to other SaaS tools.

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Grouparoo is the Customer Data Platform tool that meets you where you are.

🔎 Quickly identify profiles and segments

Customer Data Platforms help you quickly identify profiles and groups that you can export to your destinations.

🔀 Bring data from wherever you have it

Customer data platforms are data-agnostic -- get a unified view of your data from behavior, to transactions, to profiles.

📈 Query the source of truth

Don’t rely on events to understand your customers. Use the data from your product database or data warehouse.

🛍 Market more meaningfully

Create marketing campaigns based on real, meaningful data.

What is a Customer Data Platform, and why is it important?

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are a vital tool for marketing and sales teams.

CDPs have been around for a while now, but they’ve historically been made just for the largest enterprises.

We at Grouparoo are taking some new approaches to make CDPs accessible to companies of any size!.

What is a CDP?

A CDP is a tool that allows a businesses to see a single, unified view of their customers.

As companies become more sophisticated, customer data exists in many different locations.

Sales teams have customer data living in CRMs.

Marketers have customer data in their ad platforms and in app or web event tracking systems.

Transactional data might live in ecommerce systems, and product usage data might live in your engineering team’s data warehouse or database.

As companies try to engage with customers across more and more channels, more and more tools are added to companies’ stacks, and more data is distributed.

Customer Data Platforms keep your data in one safe place.

Customer Data Platforms keep your data in one safe place.

You already have the data you need, Customer Data Platforms allow you to get a more cohesive view of who your customers are.

CDPs pull all of this disparate data together to create a singular view of your customer, whether that data is queryable to a database, lives in a CRM, or is streamed from events like pageviews and button clicks.

How do CDPs work?

CDPs combine data that lives in many places to create a singular view of the customer. As such, CDPs need to connect to all kinds of different systems to both pull in customer data.

How is a CDP different from a data warehouse?

You might be thinking a CDP sounds a lot like a data warehouse. What’s the difference?

One of the differences is that not all data lives in a data warehouse.

Many companies won’t choose to keep event stream data in a data warehouse.

Data warehouses are great for analysis, but CDPs are also able to push data out to other systems.

The benefit of a CDP is that once you have a unified view of the customer, you want that same data to exist in all of the tools that sales, marketing, product, and other teams are using.

Finally, CDPs allow you to ‘tag’ or ‘group’ customers dynamically. Do you want to change with your “high value customers” or “likely to churn” cohort definitions?

A good CDP lets you experiment with your changes easily, and also syndicates those groups to all the SaaS tools your company uses.

Customer Data Platforms allow you to sync data across destinations

Customer Data Platforms allow you to sync data across destinations

Teams can perform deeper Operational Analytics and drive higher outcomes with trustworthy data at their fingertips.

Grouparoo has built 20+ integrations with various systems, and we are building more every day.

Why are CDPs important?

The key benefit of a CDP is that it creates a singular view of your customer, and empowers marketing and sales teams to take action with verified and trustworthy data. This practice is called Operational Analytics.

Operational analytics is the practice of taking your data and turning it into action.

With better, trustworthy data in your marketing tools, you can drive better growth, have more targeted emails and communications, and create better experiences for your users.

Sales teams are able to better personalize their sales discussions based on how their leads and accounts are using the product.

Grouparoo provides a best-in-class Customer Data Platform. It’s easy for engineers to set up, and even easier for revenue teams to use. Get started today!

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