All your customer data in one place

Grouparoo is real-time data infrastructure that puts marketers and operators in control.

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Customer data is often a mess.

Grouparoo helps keep your data unified without needing engineers

👋 Know your customers

Unify data from many sources to create a single profile of each customer.

👤 Target the right people

Quickly explore and segment profiles into groups that you want to message or track.

💬 Automate your messaging

Keep the tools you already use to execute campaigns always up to date.

📈 Analyze the impact

Monitor and understand how the campaign performed.

... all without ongoing help from engineering.

Synchronize all of your customer data

Grouparoo sources and destination connections

How Grouparoo Works

Pull in your Customer Data

You don’t have to know SQL to build your profiles. Use a simple interface to keep customer data up to date with the sources that matter.

Grouparoo profile

Create Groups

Point and click to explore segmentation. Find out the size of the group in seconds, not hours. Use your group definitions across destinations.

Grouparoo groups

Send to Destinations

Integrations make it easy to send the right data to each tool you use. No code is necessary to change what data gets sent.

Grouparoo destination

Execute your Campaigns

Run campaigns in the marketing tools of your choice. Switch providers easily without needing engineers to rebuild integrations.

Data synced to destination

Built for Modern Marketing and Operations Teams

Retention Marketing

Target and reach the exact customer segments you want to retain across every channel

Sync groups to destinations

Marketing Ops & Enablement

Keep customer data definitions uniform and tidy, all without needing CSVs or engineering help.

Create properties from sources

Growth Marketing

Find and re-target the users and audiences who are most likely to convert.

Map data to destinations

Why Open Source?

Keeping customer data secure is more important than ever


Grouparoo runs in your environment so you always have access to all the code and the data. Use it however you want.

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The control and privacy features make it easier for you to comply with GDPR, CCPA, and industry-specific standards.



You get to choose exactly what data gets sent to each tool. And you give them less because it was only needed to make the groups.



Because Grouparoo is hosted in your private cloud, we’re significantly cheaper than SaaS alternatives that charge based on usage.


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