Node.js v15 and NPM v7 Support


Grouparoo works on Node.js v12, v14, and now... v15! This means we are in a great position to support the forthcoming LTS release of Node.js v16, along with the current LTS versions of v12 and v14 for years to come.

Grouparoo now works with Node.js v14 and v15.  Image from NPM/Github foundation.

Previously, due to the peerDependencies changes introduced by NPM v7, we could not initially support Node.js v15 (which ships with NPM v7). The grouparoo CLI tool has been updated to know how to work with both the old and new NPM behavior. We've detailed our mitigation steps here.

The ability to support Node.js v15 is also important, as it's the only version that is natively supported by the new M1 MacOS computers.

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