Lighthouse reports on Github

Notes Engineering 

Brian Leonard on 2021-01-16

"Creating a performance report on each pull request

Measuring product usage for open source projects


Andy Jih on 2020-12-23

"How we measure product and user metrics for our open source product

Debugging image dimensions with Next.js


Brian Leonard on 2020-12-22

"We added a component to our Next.js images to make sizing them easier.

Snowflake Source

Connections Engineering 

Brian Leonard on 2020-12-22

"Grouparoo connects your Snowflake warehouse so you can use that data in all your tools.

Grouparoo Raises $3M Seed Round


Brian Leonard on 2020-11-18

"We’re excited to announce that Grouparoo has raised $3 million in seed funding to make SaaS integrations easier for engineering.

Salesforce Destination

Connections Engineering 

Brian Leonard on 2020-11-14

"use Grouparoo to sync your customer data with Salesforce.

Developing Grouparoo on macOS Big Sur

Notes Engineering 

Evan Tahler on 2020-11-13

"How to run a Typescript app on macOS Big Sur

Hubspot Destination

Connections Engineering 

Evan Tahler on 2020-11-06

"Use Grouparoo to sync your customer data to Hubspot.

How Grouparoo works as a team

Operations Company 

Andy Jih on 2020-10-27

"What it means to us to be an open-source company

Using Typescript to create a Robust API between your frontend and backend


Evan Tahler on 2020-10-16

"Use Typescript to more tightly couple your React apps to your API

How TypeScript's any creates confusing function overload bugs


Tiger Oakes on 2020-10-13

"One little type wreaks havoc on certain functions.

Marketo Destination

Connections Engineering 

Brian Leonard on 2020-10-01

"Connect to Marketo using Grouparoo to communicate better with your customers.

Exports is not a function

Engineering Notes 

Brian Leonard on 2020-09-23

"Maybe it was a bad idea to have a variable named "exports"

Why tracking your Product’s Performance with Events is Probably Wrong

Product Engineering Marketing 

Andy Jih on 2020-09-17

"Events-based product data will never be as good as your data warehouse

Mailchimp Destination

Connections Engineering 

Evan Tahler on 2020-09-15

"Use Grouparoo to sync your customer data to Mailchimp.

Save your High Water Marks as Strings

Connections Engineering Notes 

Evan Tahler on 2020-09-14

"Asking the database to return the High Water Mark as a string prevents a number of bugs.

Common Challenges for Marketing at Tech Companies


Andy Jih on 2020-09-11

"We interviewed 100 marketers about their martech challenges. Here's what we learned.

How to Format Zendesk Tags

Connections Engineering Notes 

Brian Leonard on 2020-08-26

"You can update a user's tags via the API, but make sure they are lowercase and without spaces.

Building a Sync Engine


Brian Leonard on 2020-08-04

"Syncing ain't easy.

Sharing Code in Next.JS Applications with Plugins


Evan Tahler on 2020-07-23

"How does Grouparoo use Next.js to load pages and components from plugins to modify our web user interface?

BigQuery Source

Connections Engineering 

Brian Leonard on 2020-05-28

"Grouparoo can now connect to your BigQuery warehouse so you can use that data for profile properties.

Pull the Data you Actually Want

Marketing Engineering 

Evan Tahler on 2020-05-22

"One of the most telling critiques of event-based SaaS marketing tools is the fact that marketing teams are actively pruning the events they are sending to control costs.

Continuous Deployment for NPM Packages


Evan Tahler on 2020-05-07

"Grouparoo leverages the node.js and NPM ecosystems to manage distribution to our customers. Our open-source software is distributed via the public via NPM

Sailthru Destination

Connections Engineering 

Brian Leonard on 2020-04-23

"Grouparoo allows you to connect your customer data to various marketing platforms like Sailthru.

Google Sheets Source

Connections Engineering 

Brian Leonard on 2020-04-15

"Grouparoo has the ability to connect to a Google Sheet to bring data into its customer data platform (CDP).

Steps for Marketing Tests


Brian Leonard on 2020-02-29

"There are issues at all points of this cycle, but the most pain is felt in the first quarter between the "Idea" and "Test" steps.

Simulating Cohorts


Brian Leonard on 2020-01-12

"It turns out, going from 1 to 4 tests a month makes a huge difference, especially as those cohorts build on each other over time.

The Shots You Get to Take


Brian Leonard on 2020-01-10

"Fortunately, you have some of the greatest forces known the modern humans at your disposal: compound interest and spreadsheets.