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Developing Grouparoo on macOS Big Sur

Notes Engineering 

Evan Tahler on 2020-11-13

"How to run a Typescript app on macOS Big Sur

Hubspot Destination

Connections Engineering 

Evan Tahler on 2020-11-06

"Use Grouparoo to sync your customer data to Hubspot.

Using Typescript to create a Robust API between your frontend and backend


Evan Tahler on 2020-10-16

"Use Typescript to more tightly couple your React apps to your API

Mailchimp Destination

Connections Engineering 

Evan Tahler on 2020-09-15

"Use Grouparoo to sync your customer data to Mailchimp.

Save your High Water Marks as Strings

Connections Engineering Notes 

Evan Tahler on 2020-09-14

"Asking the database to return the High Water Mark as a string prevents a number of bugs.

Sharing Code in Next.JS Applications with Plugins


Evan Tahler on 2020-07-23

"How does Grouparoo use Next.js to load pages and components from plugins to modify our web user interface?

Pull the Data you Actually Want

Marketing Engineering 

Evan Tahler on 2020-05-22

"One of the most telling critiques of event-based SaaS marketing tools is the fact that marketing teams are actively pruning the events they are sending to control costs.

Continuous Deployment for NPM Packages


Evan Tahler on 2020-05-07

"Grouparoo leverages the node.js and NPM ecosystems to manage distribution to our customers. Our open-source software is distributed via the public via NPM