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Lighthouse reports on Github

Notes Engineering 

Brian Leonard on 2021-01-16

"Creating a performance report on each pull request

Developing Grouparoo on macOS Big Sur

Notes Engineering 

Evan Tahler on 2020-11-13

"How to run a Typescript app on macOS Big Sur

Exports is not a function

Engineering Notes 

Brian Leonard on 2020-09-23

"Maybe it was a bad idea to have a variable named "exports"

Save your High Water Marks as Strings

Connections Engineering Notes 

Evan Tahler on 2020-09-14

"Asking the database to return the High Water Mark as a string prevents a number of bugs.

How to Format Zendesk Tags

Connections Engineering Notes 

Brian Leonard on 2020-08-26

"You can update a user's tags via the API, but make sure they are lowercase and without spaces.