Data syncing infrastructure for the Healthcare Industry

Better understand your patient data and engage with them using the tools you trust

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Grouparoo is a self-hosted reverse ETL tool, syncing your source-of-truth data with 3rd party tools.

☁️ Deploy in your own cloud

Because Grouparoo is self-hosted in your own private cloud such as AWS, Google Cloud Platform, you have complete control over patient data.

🖥 Source code access

Our code is available on Github, so you can understand exactly how the code works and modify it if you so please!

🔒 Sync PHI securely and safely

Keep the tools you already use to execute campaigns always up to date.

✅ Enable HIPAA compliant marketing

Grouparoo is hosted within your own cloud, staying in compliance with your own HIPAA-compliant controls.

Synchronize all of your patient data

Grouparoo sources and Destination connections

How Grouparoo Works

Pull in your Patient Data

You don’t have to know SQL to build your records. Use a simple interface to keep patient data up to date with the sources that matter.

Grouparoo Record

Create Groups

Point and click segmentation. Find out the size of the Group in seconds, not hours. Use your Group definitions across destinations.

Grouparoo groups

Send to Destinations

Integrations make it easy to send the right data to each tool you use. No code is necessary to change what data gets sent. You control exactly what data gets sent.

Grouparoo Destination

Execute your Campaigns

Run campaigns in the marketing tools of your choice. Switch providers easily without needing engineers to build new integrations.

Data synced to Destination

Built for Modern Healthcare Teams

Email marketing

Segment patients and give them relevant, personalized emails all while keeping their patient data safe.

Sync groups to destinations

Customer Support & Ops

Customer support teams will have all of the patient data they need in one tool.

Users in Zendesk

In-product customization

Product and eng teams can personalize the product experience based on the Groups that you make in Grouparoo.

Map data to product database

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