Sync Snowflake customer data with all of your 3rd party tools

Grouparoo's Snowflake integration allows you to sync all of your customer data that lives in your Snowflake data warehouse with various destinations such as CRMs, Customer Support Tools, and Marketing Tools.

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Grouparoo & Snowflake

Grouparoo is open source data infrastructure to keep your customer data in-sync with 3rd party tools.

Grouparoo pulls customer data in real-time from your database, data warehouse, and other data sources.

Use Cases

  • Easily connect your production data with 3rd party tools
  • Create a unified customer definition in Grouparoo
  • Easily make cohorts and segments out of your Snowflake data warehouse
  • Denormalize your database so you can easily send customer data to tools like CRMs, marketing automation, and email marketing

Free and Easy to Install

Add the @grouparoo/snowflake package to your project, restart your server, and you're good to go! Learn more about working with plugins.

$ grouparoo install @grouparoo/snowflake
$ grouparoo start

Community Edition

Once you've installed the Snowflake Plugin, you can begin to configure it by adding an App.

Enterprise Edition

Our Enterprise Edition enables you to configure your Snowflake apps through the UI.

An Overview of Grouparoo's Data Model

Grouparoo's core objects are Records and Record Properties. These objects are defined based on your data such as the data in your Snowflake data warehouse. You can pull this data in with Grouparoo's help or you can write SQL queries directly.

Once you've defined these Records and Record Properties, you can use Grouparoo to create dynamic segments and cohorts.

Easily connect your Snowflake data

Since Grouparoo is installed in your cloud infrastructure, you can easily point Grouparoo to any number of Snowflake instances you may have running.

Grouparoo Snowflake settings

Define Record Properties without needing to write SQL queries

Grouparoo is low-code, so less technical team members can create new Record Properties without needing to work with engineers. They can pull the data they need when they want.

Grouparoo Table Source settings

But you can also write SQL if you want

Some Record Properties will require joins across tables or more complex queries. Use Grouparoo's Query mode to pull the data you need.

Grouparoo Query Source settings

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