Apps (Enterprise Edition)

Last Updated: 2021-10-13

Apps are typically the first types of objects that you will create. They help Grouparoo connect to a number of different tools, such as your databases, data warehouses, and other third-party tools. See this doc to learn more about the core concepts in Grouparoo.

Step 1: Add an App

You can add an App either from the dashboard or from the left-navigation. You will see a list of available Apps on screen. Choose one.

Pro Tip: When you're first getting started, we recommend adding the App that has the majority of your customer data such as a data warehouse or production database replica.

Add App
Add App Left Nav

Step 2: Configure Your App

Once you've chosen an App, add the connection details you'll need to connect to this App.

Add App Left Nav

Next Steps

Your Grouparoo application starts with Apps. As you continue to configure your application, you'll want to remember to always start with an App. Want to add a new Destination? Make sure there is an App to support it.

Sources and Destinations both are direct descendants of Apps. If you don't have any Sources in your Grouparoo application yet, move on to create a Source. If you've already imported data into Grouparoo, then you're ready to create a Destination to export data from Grouparoo.