Properties (Enterprise Edition)

Last Updated: 2021-02-11

Now that you have a Source or some Sources (see here if you don't have a Source), you can begin to define additional Profile Properties. Profile Properties are data values associated to the Profiles you have in Grouparoo. See this doc to learn more about the core concepts in Grouparoo.

Creating a Profile Property

There are two ways to add Profile Properties to a source:

Option 1: Profile Properties Page

Multiple Profile Properties can be defined from the same Source. You can create new Profile Properties from the Profile Properties list:

New Profile Properties

Option 2: Source Page

You can also create new Profile Properties by going to a Source's detail page.

New Profile Properties Source Details

Property Attributes

There are a number of options for how you can define Properties such as whether it is unique, whether the property is an array, and as well as the aggregation method.

New Property

Next Steps

Once you have all your Properties defined, you're in good shape! You'll see Profiles being imported into Grouparoo. That means it's time to put your users into Groups of users.

And once you have those Groups, you can create a Destination to export data from Groups. (Just remember to create an App for your Destination.