Command-Line Interface (CLI)

Last Updated: 2021-02-08

You can obtain the grouparoo CLI via NPM with npm install -g grouparoo.

Project Maintenance

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  • grouparoo generate [options] [template] [id] - Generate a config file for an new object (App, Source, Property, Destination, etc) from a template.
  • grouparoo validate (--local) - Test and validate your code config. Doesn't write changes to the database. Optionally disable checking with remote Apps.
  • grouparoo apply (--local) - Apply config changes to the database. This also happens automatically with grouparoo start and grouparoo run as well. Optionally disable checking with remote Apps.
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Development, Testing and Deployment

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If you were creating a new Grouparoo project, you might:

# install the grouparoo CLI
npm install -g grouparoo

# initialize the project (in a new directory)
grouparoo init .

# create an App, Source, and Properties
grouparoo generate postgres:app data_warehouse
grouparoo generate postgres:table:source users_table --parent data_warehouse
grouparoo generate postgres:table:property email --parent users_table
grouparoo generate postgres:table:property first_name --parent users_table
grouparoo generate postgres:table:property last_name --parent users_table

# check out config files
grouparoo validate
grouparoo apply

# start the application
grouparoo start
# and you can visit http://localhost:3000 to view the dashboard and watch your data import