Install Grouparoo

Last Updated: 2021-02-08

When you're ready to get your own instance of Grouparoo running, the first step is to install it locally. This will enable you to configure it properly before deploying to production.

Step 1: Create New Repository

Configuring your Grouparoo Project starts by making a new git repository in a new directory. You then can use the grouparoo cli tool to initialize a new project.

Step 2: Run Locally with Node.js

If you have Node.js (v12+) installed, initializing a new Grouparoo project is as simple as:

# in a new directory
npm install -g grouparoo
grouparoo init .
grouparoo config # start configuring your Grouparoo instance
grouparoo run # run your Grouparoo instance once is it configured

Read our guide for setting up Grouparoo locally with Node.js.

Get Started with Node.js

What's Next?

After you've successfully installed Grouparoo, it's time to configure it. Install the plugins you want to use and then head over to the Configuration Guides.