Grouparoo Cloud Integration

Last Updated: 2021-12-07

We're excited to share our Cloud offering! This guide covers everything you need to get integrated using your own repository with Grouparoo Cloud.

Step 1 - Register a Cloud Account

To make a Cloud account, visit Cloud and press Register.

Cloud App Register

Register will take you to the Trial Request page. Our Administrators will help get you set up in our system and ready to integrate! Once your account is created, revisit Cloud and sign in.

Cloud App Sign In

Step 2 - Integrating with Grouparoo Cloud

Upon logging in you should be presented with a fresh project screen.

Cloud App Fresh Project Landing Page

Grouparo Cloud is designed to work with your GitHub repository! To set up a Code Config repository, please follow our Docs on how to do so.

Once your repository is setup and pushed up to Github, go here.