Grouparoo Cloud Repository Integration

Last Updated: 2021-11-10

Your Project in Grouparoo Cloud has an Integrations Page.

Cloud App Fresh Project Landing Page Click Integrations

This page has instructions on what you need from Cloud to integrate with your GitHub repository.

Cloud App Integrations PageMake sure to click Generate to get an API Token!

GitHub Repository Secrets

In your GitHub repository go to: Settings -> Secrets -> New repository secret.

GitHub Repository Secrets

Add GROUPAROO_CLOUD_TOKEN and GROUPAROO_CLOUD_PROJECT_ID with the values from Cloud's Integration page.

GitHub Action Workflow

Follow the instructions provided in the Integrations page.

Cloud App Integrations Page

We recommend creating a new branch for this since our system can check PR builds for validity, saving you some potential headache.

If you have any trouble please visit our Support Page.