Stop writing code to sync data to Zendesk*

Grouparoo is an open source framework that helps you move data between your database and all of your cloud-based tools.

* Sorry, Zendesk - we don't mean to pick on you specifically. We integrate with lots of marketing, operations, and sales tools.

Make your customer data actionable

Grouparoo connects your customer profiles and groups to all the places where they make a difference.

Grouparoo sources and destination connections

Free and Easy to Install

Try Grouparoo on your computer today or install it on your company’s servers. Your data stays private on your servers. No usage or storage limits.

$ npm install -g grouparoo
$ grouparoo init .
$ grouparoo start


Use Source-of-truth data

Pull data from trusted sources like data warehouses instead of instrumenting Event streams.


Connect new tools quickly and easily

Marketing, Sales, Customer Support and other teams are trying new tools all the time. Instead of building and maintaining all of these integrations, use Grouparoo's pre-built connectors.



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Open source

Maintain control over your data and infrastructure so you’re never locked in. While a dedicated team is building and maintaining Grouparoo, we welcome the developer community to contribute and improve it as well.

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Best Practices & Batteries Included

With built-in support for edges cases like rate-limiting and retrying, you will be ready for whatever problems The Cloud can throw at you. Grouparoo can be run on your laptop or scale across many servers to increase throughput.

"I was able to set up a process that merges and maintains user profiles with data from multiple sources in just a few minutes and I wish we had it years ago.

-- Joaquín Brenner, Co-founder and COO @ Chipax

"Grouparoo has definitely helped us level up our customer data infrastructure. They've created an all-in-one platform that gets our data to the platforms that need it the most."

-- Francis Yango, Product @ Sendoso

How Grouparoo Works

Create Unified Customer Profiles

Create a single view of your customers from all of your data sources. Define what data you care about either with Code or in our Enterprise UI.

Grouparoo profile

Create Groups

Point and click to explore segmentation. Find out the size of the group in seconds, not hours. Use your group definitions across destinations.

Grouparoo groups

Send to Destinations

Integrations make it easy to send the right data to each tool you use. No code is necessary to change what data gets sent

Grouparoo destination

Use Group Definitions in your product and in your marketing tools

Run campaigns in the marketing and business tools of your choice. Switch providers easily without needing to rebuild integrations. Send Groups and Profiles

Data synced to destination

Why Open Source?

Keeping customer data secure is more important than ever


Grouparoo runs in your environment so you always have access to all the code and the data. Use it however you want.

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The control and privacy features make it easier for you to comply with GDPR, CCPA, and industry-specific standards.



You get to choose exactly what data gets sent to each tool. And you give them less because it was only needed to make the groups.



Because Grouparoo is hosted in your private cloud, we’re significantly cheaper than SaaS alternatives that charge based on usage.


Features that embed in your workflow

Grouparoo makes it easy to follow developer best practices.

Pre-built integrations

All of the integration code is already written, so all of the nuances like rate limits, API requirements, and others are covered.


Charts, tools, and data to help you monitor your Grouparoo instance.


Write automated tests, so you can verify that the data is being imported and exported as you'd expect.

Many deploy options

Deploy easily using Heroku, Kubernetes, or Docker, or through your own deploy process.


Maintainable conventions so everyone on the team can easily understand and modify Grouparoo.

Open Source and Extensible

Grouparoo is open source, so you can look under the hood to see how everything works and extend it to your needs.

Get Started with Grouparoo

Easily install the Grouparoo application, join the community, or schedule a demo to learn more.

Or learn more about the company or how to get support.