Enterprise Guides

Last Updated: 2021-10-13

While we recommend you configure your Grouparoo application before running, our UI Edition offers the ability to configure your application while it's running.

The enterprise guides show you how to create and configure each of the following items:

Quick Example

Here's an example of a workflow taking you through the UI:

Step 1: Add an App

The first thing you need to do is to add an App. Apps are how Grouparoo can connect to any number of different tools such as your databases, data warehouses, and other 3rd party tools.

You can add an App either from the dashboard or from the left-navigation.

Add App
Add App Left Nav

We recommend starting with the App that has the majority of your customer data such as a data warehouse or production database replica. Once you've chosen an App, add the connection details you'll need to connect to this App.

Add App Left Nav

Step 2: Create a Source

Now that you've added an App, your first step is to create a Source. A Source is a definition for how you pull data from an App into Grouparoo.

To start, you'll click on the Sources navigation in the left-nav and click Add new Source.

Add new source

Then you'll choose the kind of Source you'd like to create. The choices shown will be based on which Apps you've already connected. If you don't see the App you want to use, you can add a new App.

Add new postgres source

Once you've chosen the App, you will name your Source and identify the table with user data that you want to pull into Grouparoo.

New postgres source

After you've chosen the database table that contains your user data, you will need to indicate what makes your users unique. Often a unique identifier is a id, user id, or email.

Step 3: Create your first Property

You will also create your first Property. A Property is how you pull data from your Source and add that onto all of your Records in Grouparoo. In this first case, you will map it directly to a unique identifier for your users.

First Record Property

Step 4: Add a Schedule to your Source

A Schedule defines how often Grouparoo will check your Source for new data. When there are additions or changes in your data Source, Grouparoo will pull that data in based on your Schedule settings.

You can choose how often Grouparoo will check your Source for new data. You will also point Grouparoo to the column that indicates when a row in your users table has been updated, such as an updated_at timestamp column.


Now your first Source is all set up! 🎉 Grouparoo is now regularly pulling in data from your Source.

Step 5: Add More Record Properties

You can have multiple Record Properties defined from the same Source. You can create new Record Properties from the Properties list:

New Record Properties

You can also create new Record Properties by going to a Source's detail page.

New Record Properties Source Details

Next steps

  • Repeat the steps above to create more Sources and/or Record Properties
  • Create Groups of Records (cohorts or segments)