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ETL Testing Process

Engineering Data 

Micah Bello

Micah Bello on 2022-02-10

"ETL testing is the process of verifying and validating the data being moved to ensure that it is extracted, transformed, and loaded correctly into the destination system."

Grouparoo v0.8 release

Product Engineering 

Brian Leonard

Brian Leonard on 2022-01-31

"Grouparoo's v0.8 beings a new Model UI and other improvements."

TypeScript Types from Class Properties


Evan Tahler

Evan Tahler on 2022-01-06

"Use TypeScript to compute types from complex Objects"

Enabling CI/CD with Grouparoo Cloud

Product Engineering 

Pedro S Lopez

Pedro S Lopez on 2021-12-21

"Grouparoo's developer tooling enables a git workflow on your Reverse ETL project."

Use App Refresh to run Grouparoo with dbt

Data Engineering 

Teal Larson

Teal Larson on 2021-12-14

"Learn more about using App Refresh Queries to trigger schedules and learn how to integrate this feature with a dbt project."

Grouparoo v0.7 release

Product Engineering 

Brian Leonard

Brian Leonard on 2021-10-24

"Grouparoo's v0.7 release brings Models and better handling of invalid data."

NextJS and Managing Your Data


Krishna Glick

Krishna Glick on 2021-10-15

"NextJS is not a single point of entry application."

What is Operational Analytics?

Engineering Data 

Andy Jih

Andy Jih on 2021-09-08

"Learn about how operational analytics makes data engineers' lives easier while powering experimentation and growth for user-facing teams."

Grouparoo v0.6 release

Product Engineering 

Brian Leonard

Brian Leonard on 2021-09-03

"Grouparoo's v0.6 release brings deletion and dynamic data calculations."

What is Customer Data Integration?


Teal Larson

Teal Larson on 2021-08-25

"Looking to learn more about customer data integration? The Grouparoo experts will walk you through everything you need to know."

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