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ETL vs ELT Explained

Engineering Data 

Brian Leonard

Brian Leonard on 2021-08-04

"ETL and ELT are two approaches to getting data into a usable form for analysis and use. Let's explore the differences."

Data cleaning for nulls with SQL vs. code


Teal Larson

Teal Larson on 2021-07-29

"When data cleaning, you'll need to decide how to handle null values. Let's see how SQL handles empty sets, and two options for cleaning them up."

Development workflow for Reverse ETL

Product Engineering 

Brian Leonard

Brian Leonard on 2021-07-19

"Grouparoo's developer tooling enables a git workflow on your Reverse ETL project."

Integrating Mailchimp with your Node.js App

Connections Engineering 

Yashovardhan Agrawal

Yashovardhan Agrawal on 2021-06-27

"A step by step guide of integrating your Mailchimp Audiences with your Node.js app"

Generate Dynamic JSON Pages with Next.js


Sean C Davis

Sean C Davis on 2021-06-10

"Two methods for generating JSON pages with Next.js. One that updates on every request, the other on every build."

Bundle and Distribute Next.js Sites via NPM


Evan Tahler

Evan Tahler on 2021-06-03

"Or, how to make your NPM packages 300mb smaller with this one strange trick!"

Asynchronous APIs in CRM and marketing tools


Pedro S Lopez

Pedro S Lopez on 2021-05-28

"Some batch import APIs work asynchronously and don't process your requests right away."

Are MySQL columns names case sensitive?

Engineering Notes 

Brian Leonard

Brian Leonard on 2021-05-26

"It turns out you have to be a little bit careful here"

Your smart frontend is doing too much

Engineering Notes 

Pedro S Lopez

Pedro S Lopez on 2021-05-21

"How to build APIs that better serve their clients and consumers."

Data Makes Your Tools Smarter

Engineering Product 

Brian Leonard

Brian Leonard on 2021-05-19

"Marketing, sales, and customer success tools are much better when they have integrated product data"

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