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What is Operational Analytics?

Engineering Data 

Andy Jih

Andy Jih on 2021-09-08

"Learn about how operational analytics makes data engineers' lives easier while powering experimentation and growth for user-facing teams."

Dogfooding your product


Andy Jih

Andy Jih on 2021-03-18

"Build empathy for your users and build better products through dogfooding"

Don’t Forget Your VPNs and Tracker Blockers

Product Notes 

Andy Jih

Andy Jih on 2021-01-27

"Ad blockers are great, until they’re not. How I learned the hard way."

Measuring usage for open source projects


Andy Jih

Andy Jih on 2020-12-23

"How we measure product and user metrics for our open source product Grouparoo. Open source metrics are not the same as SaaS metrics!"

How Grouparoo works as a team

Operations Company 

Andy Jih

Andy Jih on 2020-10-27

"What it means to us to be an open-source company, the principles we follow, and how we work as a team"

Don't Track Product Performance with Events

Product Engineering Marketing 

Andy Jih

Andy Jih on 2020-09-17

"Events-based product data will never be as good as your data warehouse"

Top Marketing Challenges for Tech Companies


Andy Jih

Andy Jih on 2020-09-11

"We interviewed 100 marketers about their martech challenges. Here's what we learned."