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Don't Track Product Performance with Events

Product Engineering Marketing 

Andy Jih

Andy Jih on 2020-09-17

"Events-based product data will never be as good as your data warehouse"

Top Marketing Challenges for Tech Companies


Andy Jih

Andy Jih on 2020-09-11

"We interviewed 100 marketers about their martech challenges. Here's what we learned."

Pull the Data you Actually Want

Marketing Engineering 

Evan Tahler

Evan Tahler on 2020-05-22

"Streaming event data becomes costly and less useful over time. Reverse ETL solves these problems."

Steps for Marketing Tests


Brian Leonard

Brian Leonard on 2020-02-29

"There are issues at all points of this cycle, but the most pain is felt in the first quarter between the "Idea" and "Test" steps."

Simulating Cohorts


Brian Leonard

Brian Leonard on 2020-01-12

"It turns out, going from 1 to 4 tests a month makes a huge difference, especially as those cohorts build on each other over time."

The Shots You Get to Take


Brian Leonard

Brian Leonard on 2020-01-10

"Fortunately, you have some of the greatest forces known the modern humans at your disposal: compound interest and spreadsheets."

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