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Grouparoo v0.6 release

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By Brian Leonard on 2021-09-03

The newest release of Grouparoo has a few updates that make working with data easier.

  • Staying sync with your data warehouse. If rows are deleted in your data warehouse, then Grouparoo profiles get deleted.
  • Combine or use logic to make profile properties. Use code to re-mix your data and get the perfect formats.
  • New destinations: Mixpanel, Mailjet

Profile deletion

Data systems are often quite good at ingesting new data, but things get complicated when it gets deleted. And yet, user records are often removed from the database.

Grouparoo now monitors for these removed records. If there was a profile for that user, they are deleted from the Grouparoo platform. If they had previously been synchronized to a destination system its settings allow removal, the user will then be removed from that system as well.

For example, a customer might deactivate their account which them from the data warehouse. Grouparoo will notice the deletion and also remove them from your Marketo mailing list.

There are a options for how to check for deleted data. Check out the upgrade guide for more details.

Calculated properties

Transforming data is a critical piece of the data pipeline. The transformation process looks different in every organization with different degrees of difficulty.

Our users are telling us that the ideal situation is that the data is in the warehouse is "golden" - that is, the warehouse has everything in exactly the right format. In practice, though, this is rarely the case and making changes upstream can be difficult.

For example, the "full name" case is a common one. Many companies store a "first name" and a "last name" in their database. However, Zendesk integrations require a generic "name" attribute. With our new calculated property feature, it's easy to make this happen.

  "id": "full_name",
  "key": "fullName",
  "class": "property",
  "sourceId": "source",
  "type": "string",
  "options": {
    "customFunction": "() => \"{{firstName}} {{lastName}}\""

We have enabled transformation at the lowest level so you can write any function to implement whatever logic applies to your use case. The calculated property documentation has more details.

New destinations

Mixpanel is an analytics and communications tool. Grouparoo nows can sync its data to your Mixpanel User Profiles to enable a better experience there.

Mailjet is an email marketing tool. Grouparoo now exports profiles and creates contact lists there to automate your customer journey.

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