Calculated Property

Last Updated: 2022-01-18


Grouparoo's Calculated Property Integration enables you to write a custom function to generate a new Property based upon other existing Grouparoo Record Properties. You may want to combine, aggregate, or manipulate properties from other Sources to create a new Property that suits your operational needs.


Source NameDescription
Calculated Property ImportImport and calculate Calculated Properties from other Sources.


To work with the Calculated Property Plugin, you must first install it in an existing Grouparoo project. In addition, you must have at least one other Source configured to make use of Calculated Properties.


To create Calculated Properties in Grouparoo, you create an App.


Some types of Apps require information about how to connect to a service. This integration works a little differently than most and no additional options are required in order to proceed in configuring a Calculated Property as a Source.

Calculated Property Import

A Calculated Property Source should be assigned a descriptive name. When you go on to add a Property the Key field it should describe what the value of your calculated properties will look like. A good naming convention is to consider the function you will write and describe what that function would return.

Calculated Property App Options


The Calculated Property Source is a specific type of Source. It performs a calculation on properties derived from another source and gives you the ability to generate custom Properties using a JavaScript function in the Property configuration.

In order to write the queries for a Calculated Property, Grouparoo uses Mustache templates. Calculations resulting in a string property can be done using a JavaScript pattern similar to the following example for anything that would result in a string Property:

() => "{{{firstName}}} {{{lastName}}}";
Calculated Property String Type Example

Note that the variables wrapped in triple curly braces are the keys of the properties that you want to use in the calculation.

Calculations using other types need to be parsed. So the pattern for such a calculation with integers would be similar to the following example:

() => parseInt("{{{purchaseCount}}}") + parseInt("{{{cartCount}}}");
Calculated Property Integer Type Example


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