Last Updated: 2022-01-10

Grouparoo's Braze Plugin enables you to export users to Braze.

This guide will show you how to work with Braze Plugin to create a Destination to export your data.


Braze is a customer engagement platform. Braze allows you to leverage contextual information about users and user activity to enhance business communications.


Destination NameDescription
Braze Export UsersExport Users to Braze and add them to Subscription Groups.


You will need a Braze account, a Braze API key, and Braze REST Endpoint to sync data to Braze using Grouparoo.

To find your API keys in the Braze dashboard, use the menu to navigate to Settings > Developer Settings >API Settings. There, you will see a list of any existing API keys and have the option to create a New API key.

The API key you use to configure Grouparoo to connect with Braze needs to have Users and Campaigns permissions.

finding API key


To connect Grouparoo to Braze, you create an App that tells Grouparoo how to make the connection. This specifies the account used for any Destinations.

App Options

In Grouparoo, you must specify two options to connect to Braze.

Braze App Options

App OptionDescription
Braze API Key (required)Braze REST API key. It can be found under the Developer Console (bottom of the left side menu) on the Braze dashboard. Users and Campaigns permissions are needed.
Braze Rest Endpoint (required)Braze REST Endpoint. It uses the same instance number as the dashboard (i.e. if the dashboard URL is the REST endpoint will be

For more information on options for keeping your credentials secure, visit our documentation on secrets.

Braze Export Users

This Destination enables you to sync your Grouparoo Records to Leads in Braze.

Companies use Braze to organize information about clients and marketing leads to better inform marketing strategies.

To create a Destination, you make choices about what data to sync.

Sync Modes

A Destination’s sync mode determines what to update in a Destination. The following are supported by Braze:

  • Sync: Add, update, and remove Braze Users as needed.This option looks for new records, changes to existing records, and deletions.
  • Additive: Add and update Braze Users as needed, but do not remove anybody. This option looks for new Users to add to Braze and changes to existing Braze Users, but does not keep track of deletions.
  • Enrich: Only update those Users that already exist in Braze. Do not add or remove Users. This option will only update existing Users in Braze.

Destination Options

Some types of Destinations require further clarification about how data should sync. In the case of Braze, there are no further Options to configure before moving on to mapping Record Data.

Record Data

Braze Export Contacts: Record Data

Required Properties

The only Grouparoo Property that is required to map to a Braze User Profile Field is external_id. Choose the Grouparoo Property that corresponds with the User’s ID.

  • external_id: A User’s unique identifier for Braze

Optional Properties

In addition to required fields, Braze has a list of preset User Profile Fields available to map data. You can find these by scrolling through the dropdown menu in the Send Record Property portion of the form. Any of these can be synced to from Grouparoo Properties.

Below the Optional Braze User Profile Fields heading, you have the option to create custom Braze User Profile Fields. When you Click ‘Add New Braze User Profile Field’, you will see the properties available in Grouparoo to map to Braze. Choose one of these to create a new mapping and a new Field in Braze. The name of the Braze Profile Field you create is the same as the name of the Grouparoo Property you’ve chosen, by default, but can be edited.

Group Data

In addition to mapping Grouparoo Properties to Braze User Profile Fields, you can use Grouparoo Groups to add Users and Accounts to Braze Subscription Groups.

Braze’s Subscription Groups are segment filters used to narrow your audience that allow for more granular subscription options for end-users. An app group in Braze can have up to 25 Subscription Groups.

Braze Export Contacts: Group Data


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