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Zendesk is a service-focused CRM. Companies use Zendesk SaaS to manage sales, customer support, and ongoing customer communications. When using Zendesk, companies can bring communications to various channels to help support customer relations in a customized way.


Destination NameDescription
Zendesk Export UsersExports Records to a Zendesk account.


You will need a Zendesk account already created in order for Grouparoo start syncing data to Zendesk. You will also need an API token. When you create a new token for Zendesk you will be prompted with the option to give it a descriptive name. The token generated will not be accessible again, once you have clicked on save, so be sure to copy the token that is given to you and store it someplace secure.

In Zendesk, navigate to Admin Settings (this is the Gear Icon on the left-side navigation) > Channels > API. You can create an API key and enable API access here.


To connect Zendesk to Grouparoo, you create an App which tells Grouparoo the details of how to connect to Zendesk. This specifies the account used for any Destinations.

App Options

In Grouparoo’s UI config, you specify the options to connect to Zendesk and test the connection.

Zendesk App Options

Option NameDescription
Zendesk Subdomain (required)The ‘companyname’ in companyname.zendesk.com. When you are logged into your account, this will be displayed as part of the URL.
User Name (required)Zendesk username. This is often the email address of a user with admin-level access.
API Token (required)Zendesk API token for the admin user.

Zendesk Export Users

This Destination allows you to sync your Grouparoo Records to Records in Zendesk.

Companies use Zendesk to organize their information about customers in order to facilitate communication that is seamless in trajectory from sales to support and continued communication.

To create a Destination, you make choices about what data to sync.

Sync Modes

  • Sync: Add, update, and remove Zendesk Users as needed. This option looks for new records, changes to existing records, and deletions.
  • Additive: Add and update Zendesk Users as needed, but do not remove anybody. This option looks for new Users to add to Zendesk and changes to existing Zendesk Users, but does not keep track of deletions.
  • Enrich: Only update those Users that already exist in Zendesk. Do not add or remove Users. This option will only update existing Users in Zendesk.

Destination Options

Some types of Destinations require further clarification about how data should sync. In the case of Zendesk, there are no further Options to configure before moving on to mapping Record Data.

Record Data

Mapping Record Properties to Zendesk User Fields is the key to syncing data to Zendesk Users.

Zendesk’s User Fields can be either Reserved Fields or Custom Fields from a form. This helps companies gather helpful information about customers and prospects.

Zendesk Export Users Properties

Required Properties

You must map a Grouparoo Property to the external_id Zendesk User Field. Choose the Grouparoo Property that uniquely identifies the Zendesk User from the dropdown menu.

  • external_id: A User’s unique identifier that relates the Source Record and the Grouparoo Property to the User Record in Zendesk.

Optional Properties

There is a list of standard User Properties but accounts with admin access in Zendesk can also add custom user fields. Once those are added, they will be available as Properties to map to using the Grouparoo Properties in the dropdown menu which represent the information you have built into your model.

Group Data

In addition to mapping Grouparoo Properties to Zendesk User Properties, you can use Grouparoo Groups to apply tags to Zendesk Users.

This tagging process starts by selecting a group from the dropdown menu in the Send Group box. The Zendesk Tag name will default to the name of the Grouparoo Group you have selected, but you can edit the Zendesk Tag name as you want it to appear. Grouparoo will not affect tags with different names that were created and applied directly through Zendesk.

Zendesk Tags can be used to organize and subdivide your customer base for targeted communications.

Zendesk Export Users Groups


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