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Last Updated: 2022-02-01


Grouparoo’s Google Sheets integration is a Source that enables you to import data from a Google Sheet to any of the Destinations we support. You can use Grouparoo to sync data between a Google Sheet and other supported services to operationalize your data.


Source NameDescription
Google Sheets ImportImport or update Records from a specific tab in a Google Sheet.


From the Google API Console, you’ll need to navigate to the credentials page using the left hand menu. There, you will see a list of service accounts. The email for the service account you are using is needed to set up an app connection to Google Sheets. Select the service account you will use and, if you haven’t already saved one, create a new JSON key. This will give you the information needed to create an App that connects Grouparoo and Google Sheets.

Google Service Account

Google API Key


To connect Google Sheets to Grouparoo, you create an App to tell Grouparoo how to connect to Google Sheets. This specifies the location of the data you want to sync data to or from. When you go on to create the Source, you will further specify which table it should data should be pulled from.

App Options

Google Sheets App Options

Option NameDescription
Client Email AddressEmail of service client. This can be found at the Google API Console.
Private KeyThe private key of the service account. This is managed in the API console and can be downloaded in JSON format.

Google Sheets Import

This type of Source reads from a single Google Sheets tab using a primary key reference. Properties can be generated from row values in the table you choose to link.


Google Sheets Import Options

App OptionDescription
Google Sheet URL (Required)This should be the entire URL for one Google Sheet including the gid value which refers to a specific tab in the file.


Defining Mappings is a critical part of the process. It tells Grouparoo which Record to associate with the imported data.

If you are using Google Sheets Import as the primary source, choose the Google Sheet column that uniquely identifies Records in your Model. This will often be the primary key of the table that represents your Model. The Property mapped to this column will be assigned as the Model's Primary Key.

In secondary sources, choose the Google Sheet column that ties this table to your primary source. This will often be a foreign key in your table.

Google Sheets Import Mapping


Create a schedule to actively pull new data from this Google Sheets table. If the recurring option is not selected, you are creating a one-time sync. There are also options to confirm records exist when running a schedule and to enable refresh.

Google Sheets Import Schedule


Google Sheet Import Sources have no further options for configuration.


Google Sheet Import Sources do not support schedule related filters in configuration.


Properties populate your Records with data from your Google Sheets table based on table columns. Create a Property to be able to use row data in Grouparoo.

Google Sheets Import Properties


Option NameDescription
Google Sheet Column (required)Choose a column that will be the source of data for this Grouparoo Property
Aggregation Method (required)Aggregation methods determine how to use the row values in the table. Google Sheets Sources support only the exact use of table values.


Google Sheet Import Sources do not support property related filters in configuration.


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