Last Updated: 2022-01-25

Once you have a Source, you can begin to define additional Properties for that Source. Properties are data values associated to the Records you have in Grouparoo. See this doc to learn more about the core concepts in Grouparoo.

Step 1: Add Property

You can add a new Property from within a source and click the "Add Property" button.

UI Config: Add Property

Step 2: Configure Property

There are a number of options for how you can define Properties such as whether it is unique, whether the Property is an array, as well as the aggregation method.

UI Config: Configure Property

Alternatively, you can select "Add Multiple Properties" in the Source to quickly add multiple Properties at once:

UI Config: Configure Property

Generated Config File

Grouparoo's UI Config will write a JSON file to your local filesystem based on your inputs. That file will be placed in the config/properties directory in your Grouparoo project. You can further edit this file locally or through the UI Config.

Learn more about config files

Next Steps

Once you have enough properties to be able to define users, you can start thinking about defining your groups.

Define your groups