Last Updated: 2022-01-25

Models are how you define the shape you want your records to have in Grouparoo. Once you've created a model, you can add sources and properties to that model to generate different record types. For example, you may want one model that defines leads, another for customers, and another for site visitors. See Product Concepts documentation to learn more.

With UI Config running and registered, follow the steps below to configure your model(s).

Step 1: Add a Model

You can add a new model by clicking "New Model" in the navigation bar or "Add a Model" in the Setup page:

UI Config: Add Model

Step 2: Configure your Model

Give your model a name and select the type.

UI Config: Add Model

Next Steps

UI Config: Add Model

Now that you've added a model, you can add a source to start pulling data in to fill it and then define what properties its records should contain.