Sample Records

Last Updated: 2021-10-13

While UI Config is focused on helping you configure how you're going to sync data from sources to destinations, it also provides some visibility into what your records will look like in production through sample records.

A Record is a representation of one of your customers. The data that makes up a Record is what has been extracted and transformed from your source(s). The transformed data is then what gets synced to your Destination(s). See this doc to learn more about the core concepts in Grouparoo.

Here's how to select a sample Record in Grouparoo's UI Config.

Step 1: Add Sample Record

Click on Records in the left-nav and then click Add Sample Record.

UI Config: Add Sample Record

Choose the Property (which must be unique) and then add the value for that Property in the Value field. If you don't see the Property you're looking for, create a new one and check that it is unique.

UI Config: Add Identifying Property

If that Record exists, it will be shown in a pending state.

UI Config: Pending Sample Record

Step 2: Import Record Properties

You can click the Import and Export button to import the sample Property's values. When finished, this will place the Record in the ready state, and you should see all of its Property values, along with its Group memberships.

UI Config: Sample Record

Generated Config File

Grouparoo's UI Config will write a file to your local filesystem based on your inputs. The file will be placed at config/development/records.json in your Grouparoo project. It will contain a list of your sample records. You can further edit this file locally or through the UI Config.

Note that this file is only used by UI Config and will be ignored by your main Grouparoo application.