integration for all your tools & customer data

Grouparoo's integration allows you to sync all of your customer data that lives in your data warehouse into

Your Data Warehouse integration

Your Data Warehouse

Grouparoo integration

Grouparoo integration

Grouparoo &

Grouparoo is open source data infrastructure to keep customer data in-sync between your data warehouse and 3rd party tools such as

Grouparoo pulls customer data in real-time from all of your data sources and warehouse and keeps that data synced to

Use Cases

  • Automatically enrich People in as users interact in your core product
  • Keep Attributes with calculated properties up-to-date automatically
  • Create Segments in based on data from multiple sources
  • Have better control over how you segment your users
  • Run automated Campaigns based on People Attributes that are dynamically synced

Free and Easy to Install

Add the @grouparoo/customerio package to your project, restart your server, and you're good to go! Learn more about working with plugins.

$ grouparoo install @grouparoo/customerio
$ grouparoo start

Community Edition

Once you've installed the Plugin, you can begin to configure it by adding an App.

Enterprise Edition

Our Enterprise Edition enables you to configure your apps through the UI.

An Overview of's Data Model and API

Trying to figure out how to integrate your data with Here’s an overview for how defines People and Segments

The core object in are People, though the API endpoint is Customer. People have one required field: customer_id.

Once Grouparoo is connected to based on the customer_id, Grouparoo can set Attributes with data like email, name, lifetime value, and any other details about the groups these Customers might be in.

How Grouparoo Connects with

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Grouparoo Concepts Concepts

Grouparoo Records

Grouparoo Record Properties

Grouparoo Groups People Attributes Attributes

Define what customer data you want in

Grouparoo can be configured either in code or in our web UI, so non-technical team members can modify what data they send to different tools without needing engineering support. Destination settings

Grouparoo keeps your Segments in updated in real-time

Run campaigns in based on the People and Attributes that you've synced

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