Last Updated: 2021-07-20

Grouparoo has a robust permission system you can use to limit access to your employees and applications. The Grouparoo permission model operates on Teams (for individual users) and API Keys (for applications). Consider making multiple Teams and API Keys for each use case.

The first team you create will have full read and write access to all features and capabilities. After you make your first team, you can control which Teams have read and/or write access to different features and capabilities. Controling permissions at the Team level make it easy for different groups of people in your organization to use Grouparoo. For example, an engineer will want access to reading and writing all types of models, while someone on the revenue ops or marketing ops team will likely only want write access to Destinations and Groups.

Note that these permissions are only applicable in the Cloud and Enterprise versions of Grouparoo. When using the Community edition of Grouparoo, if you have access to the configuration files, you can edit all objects in Grouparoo.

Grouparoo Permissions