Upgrading Grouparoo from v0.4 to v0.5

Last Updated: 2022-02-11

Config UI

v0.5 is an exciting new release that introduces Config UI. This builds on the v0.2 that introduced Code Config. Code Config provides the ability to configure your Grouparoo application using flat files to fit into your current workflows.

Config UI is a web application sits on top of Code Config to make it easier to generate config files for you. This is now the preferred way to configure your application. See the docs for more information.

This is a new feature that does not introduce any breaking changes. Therefore, the only thing necessary to upgrade is to follow the generic upgrade guide to bump your application to v0.5.x.

Manual App

v0.5 removes the code and data for the "Manual App". Any Apps, Sources, and Properties you may have which were manually entered via the Grouparoo UI will be deleted.

If you had previously used Manual App Properties in Groups or Destinations, they will be removed. Please delete these manually before upgrading.